The ONLY private-label, app-based, cash-back rewards program in the cinema industry!

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FlexSpend™ Rewards Will Turn The Exhibition Industry Upside Down

The exhibition world is changing and simply doing “what we’ve always done” just isn’t good enough anymore. We’ve got to be forward-thinking!

With our totally new and unique app-based solutions, you’ll find the keys to building true patron loyalty, out-performing your competition, and tapping into previously unavailable revenue streams. Just doing “the same thing as everybody else” is just not good enough anymore. Today’s savvy patrons expect you to be on the cutting edge of technology, and to give them real reasons to choose your theaters first. Let the experts in online patron engagement show you how.
  • Hollywood is extremely unpredictable – you need protection! Relying solely on Hollywood “blockbusters” to keep you afloat is more dangerous than it has ever been. Outside of three or four reliable movies each year, big budget flicks aren’t a lock – even films with an “A List” cast. Exhibitor Benefits will protect that precious revenue by allowing you to sell annual memberships that actually mean something and have significant benefits to your patrons! Turn a profit regardless of whether Hollywood does.
  • Get advance “buy-in” from your patrons by selling premium membership programs. Members can qualify for discounts, extra loyalty bonuses, advance ticketing for the next big film, and even special offers for members only! YOU set the rules for a new revenue stream that’s not just for non-profits anymore.
  • If you’re not in the palm of their hand – someone else will be! Exhibitor Benefits FlexSpend™ Rewards provides you with a private-label, theater branded app that keeps you top-of-mind – in addition to providing the benefits of a cash-back rewards program. We live in a mobile world and having your own app will increase your exposure and, more importantly, your revenue.
  • Exhibitor Benefits FlexSpend™ Rewards enables you to create and sustain true loyalty. We believe that customer loyalty goes far beyond liking your social media pages. Our research emphatically proves that patrons who sign up for FlexSpend™ Rewards have significant motivation and increased inclination to return to your Theater. Give them a rewards program that they will truly love!

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