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You Can Conquer the Challenge of Cinema Inventory Management

PART 2    In Part 1 of cinema inventory management, we recommended you refrain from sales and inventory reconciliations once a month. Rather, have two employees conduct it Thursday night or Friday morning for one to two hours, comparing the concession sales week to the box office sales week. The Final Touch On Inventory Counts After the last inventory period, on […]

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You Can Conquer the Challenges of Cinema Inventory Management

PART 1 Doing an inventory can have four different purposes: Doing an inventory can have four different purposes: Calculate your P&L and balance sheet: By knowing the month-end value of your inventory as well as other assets, such as cash in the bank and accounts receivables, you’ll be able to calculate the balance sheet and […]

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Disaster Movies Are OK But Movie Theater Disasters Are Not

One Lost Day is One Day Too Many Think about the following summer occurrences: 1.  Lightning/Thunderstorm  Make sure all electronics have battery backups or at least surge suppressors. That’s projectors, servers, audio, computers, POS or registers, etc. Buy the highest joule rating you are comfortable paying for and do not plug battery backups into other battery backups […]

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